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Our Collective Mission / Vision

Our mission at the SMA Women’s Collective is to support all women artists to thrive by sharing their creative gifts, regardless of their age, experience, background, nationality, or ability to pay entrance fees to showcase their work. The vision of founder Cindy Hegger is to create a bridge to empower local women and girl artists in Mexico and to create a safe haven for creating art and connecting with other women artists. In the first Pop Up Event at the SMA Women's Collective Gallery two local sisters brought in their work and it sold in minutes for more money than most local families make here in a year.

Her vision is to expand access for women and girls to show their art, to meet other artists and to give them opportunities to teach workshops and share their talents. You can help an emerging artist be featured on our site and in our showcase events and workshops where hundreds of people will be able to appreciate and purchase their work by making a donation today and becoming a sponsor.  We find that being a sponsor is life changing for both the sponsor and the artist as hearts and minds are opened in the universal language of art.


Every donation makes a difference and helps us provide a platform for someone truly talented to make the important connections and have the visibility needed to advance their career. It is so important to create a sustainable resource where the emerging artists can continue their growth and gain self confidence and move forward into the world to share their art.

Young Artist / Outreach Program

The SMA Women's Collective is creating young artist outreach programs for girls who are interested in art and meeting other artists and girls in a safe environment. We will feature emerging artists on our website and in our showcase events and workshops where hundreds of people will be able to appreciate and purchase their work.


Working with local programs like the Biblioteca and Teen Connect, plus others who work with young girls, the Collective is committed to creating innovative and life changing outreach programs. The young artist outreach program will include workshops, classes, studio space and mentorship.

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