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Membership / Sponsorship


Support women artists in San Miguel de Allende!


Our mission at the SMA Women’s Collective is to support all women artists to thrive by sharing their creative gifts, regardless of their age, experience, background, nationality, or ability to pay entrance fees to showcase their work.


You can help an emerging artist be featured on our site and in our showcase events and workshops where hundreds of people will be able to appreciate and purchase their work by making a donation today and becoming a sponsor. 


Every donation makes a difference and helps us provide a platform for someone truly talented to make the important connections and have the visibility needed to advance their career.



$100 USD / $2000 MXN

$100 covers the fees to allow one artist a spot in our 3-day Artists Showcase Events, or a private workshop or exhibition that allows the artist to truly showcase their talents and earn from art sales or workshop attendance to further support their career.




$400 USD / $8000 MXN

$400 supports an artist to be able to enter our showcase events once per quarter and create visibility and opportunities for them throughout the year as they continue to create seasonal collections.




$1200 USD / $24000 MXN

A sponsorship of $1200 supports 12 months of visibility and advertising for a single artist, to be featured in our showcase or their own private event or workshop every month for a year. Alternately you can designate this to provide one different artist in need every month with a spot in the showcase events.


Corporate Sponsorships



$2500 USD / $50000 MXN

Your contribution provides 2 emerging artists every month with a spot in the artist showcase events to exhibit their works, find new clients and earn sales. In return your name/business will feature on our website, at live events in a small display honoring our sponsors, and in promotional materials for a year.





$5000 / $100000 MXN

Your generous support of the arts provides the perks above (sponsoring 2 emerging artists every month for a spot in the showcase events) as well as the option to host a special cobranded event to celebrate our featured artists, such as a dinner or silent auction, prior to a showcase. Your name or business will be featured in all marketing of the special event, on our website, at our live showcase events, and in promotional materials for the year as a Promoter.


$10,000 / $200000 MXN

Everything included in the above tiers (sponsoring 3 artists for a full year and the option to host special co-branded events quarterly). Plus you will be the named sponsor of our internal series of monthly business workshops for Collective artists to strengthen their business practices and help them be more successful. Your name or business will be featured in all marketing of the events and workshops, on our website, and in promotional materials for the year as a Philanthropist whose support makes a difference for dozens of artists every month.

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